Hey guys,

It seems that some of the strict Coronavirus measures are being gradually lifted.

Registered Mail International announced they will start accepting packages again (as of 05/05/2020).

Even so, it seems that both the delivery speed and the proper tracking of the packages will be affected by the Coronavirus measures that are still in place.

To reflect the current situation, Registered Mail International increased their delivery estimates for all countries to:

EU [2-4 weeks]+
USA [2-5 weeks]+
Rest of the World [3-6 weeks]+

Proper tracking will also be affected, regrettably. Registered Mail International claim they can’t guarantee that service (tracking) due to the various and difficult conditions in the country recipients. Instead of the usual tracking codes RI, they’ll now start with UA, and will only be trackable until the package leaves the country forwarder.

To summarize the Modified Terms of Service:

1) Increased Delivery Estimates
2) No Proper Tracking

Even so, Registered Mail International have proven to be quite reliable in terms of actually delivering the packages, as the percentage of no-arrival orders was very low even for countries that did not support online tracking in the past.

Thus, we’ve decided to give it a try and see how it goes.

Of course, you’re always covered by PayPal’s Resolution Center (up to 180 days after every transaction) and our dedication to full customer satisfaction in case the postal services mishandle the package in any way.

Be sure to contact us if your package is taking longer than the delivery estimates to arrive. What we usually do in these cases is try to locate it by contacting Registered Mail International. If the package is still nowhere to be found, we refund the order.

That way you can always have peace of mind that you will either receive the package or get a refund.

That’s it for now, guys. Hopefully these clarifications were of some help. These are definitely difficult times. Of course, the most important thing remains our health. Stay Safe!

Kind regards,
Customer Support, Brian Rose