Benefit from the combined positive effects of Far Infrared Therapy (940nm) and Heat Therapy with uHeat v2. Twenty seven high quality FIR diodes are properly arranged around the desired area of effect in order to create the optimal conditions for tissue health restoration.

Far Infrared Therapy (FIT)
Far Infrared Rays are invisible waves of energy that penetrate tissues to gently elevate body temperature. Various studies have revealed FIT to show good results in the areas of wound/scar healing and tissue health restoration (in addition to its positive heat therapy effects).

Heat Therapy
Heat therapy, also known as hyperthermia, has been proven to be effective in restoring penile tissue health. These positive effects also extend to treating and dissolving internal collagen scar tissue formations known as Peyronie’s Disease.

Ref: PubMed Study #16019862 .

The study above inspired us to create a device that could help guys gain control over the process. It indicated that a very specific constant temperature was effective with Peyronie’s Disease, which is why we created uHeat v2.

All that’s needed is to place your penis inside the device, allowing full control over the temperature and the consistency with which it’s applied.

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Dedicated To Quality

Working with numerous specialists and a reputable manufacturer, we’ve produced unique, top-quality product, especially designed to restore and improve the health of your penis. The specially designed FIR diodes are both carefully tuned and placed in such a way as to create an optimal penetrative healing field for the purpose of restoring the health of your penis.

The Far Infrared Rays emitted by uHeat v2 are completely invisible to the human eye, though they were partly detected and visually enhanced by our camera for the purpose of the video above.


The Health Benefits For Your Penis

The health benefits of uHeat v2 extend to every aspect of the functioning of your penis. From improving your erectile quality to dissolving collagen tissue formations. Keeping the required tissue temperature for healing and restoration has been made easy and convenient.

Restore Tissue Health

FIT is a very expansive subject that is to be covered properly and in additional detail within our upcoming resource reference section. Various studies have revealed FIT to show good results in the areas of wound/scar healing and tissue health restoration, that is in addition to its positive heat therapy effects. Furthermore, FIT supports healthy cell growth and protein synthesis, both crucial for proper tissue repair and regeneration.

Improve & Safeguard Tissue Health

Heat therapy has been shown to be effective in improving local tissue health. An official study on the subject concluded that the utilization of such method had led to an increase in mean scores of erectile function (EF) domain (ref: Study). Guys also tend to use the method as a warm-up to increase the safety and efficacy of any PE exercises. Whatever the case, one can expect an improvement in the health of his penile tissues.

Dissolve Collagen Formations

Hyperthermia has been shown to be effective in dissolving collagen scar tissue formations, known as Peyronie’s Disease. The results of an official study (ref: Study) conducted among 60 patients were that hyperthermia significantly reduces the plaque size and penile curvature and also leads to an increase in mean scores of erectile function. It’s also reported to be safe and effective in preventing disease progression.


Infrared & Heat Therapy have been effectively used for decades, helping people heal and improve various aspects of their health. uHeat v2 has been designed for the ground up to combine both and help you restore the health of your penis.


Made of high quality materials, uHeat v2 is very comfortable to use. The specially designed size both in width and length fits all penis sizes, ensuring you will have a very pleasant and therapeutic healing experience.


uHeat v2 fits all sizes and can be used for as long as desired. It’s relatively light, made of high quality materials, and easy to operate with, making it immediately possible to place and benefit from its therapeutic properties.

Well Tuned

The 27 separate therapeutic far infrared light diodes (940nm) have been specially crafted and tuned for the purpose of heating your penis. They have also been placed in such a way that the therapeutic infrared rays are evenly distributed.


uHeat is designed to be very safe to use. The device is effective in that it could reach the desired temperatures but operates only under 12 volts. The device is well-made and is compliant with all safety regulations.

Great Value

The specially designed therapeutic far infrared light diodes are very durable. A great value proposition and enough for a lifetime of reaping benefits from the therapeutic qualities of uHeat v2.

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Making It The Most Trusted, Complete & Effective Penile Tissue Health Promoting Therapeutic Device To Date

“Works well, helped me restore the previously healthy state of my penis. I wholeheartedly recommend the current iteration of the device.” – B. Smith

More Reviews
Good for a wide variety of purposes. I found it effectively lowered my sore sensations and improved the healthy feel of my tissues. Turtling and hard flaccid have been drastically reduced and my PE routine is working better. The apparatus heats and relaxes the tissues well. It’s also very easy to use and saves me a lot of prep time. I’m very satisfied with the effects I’ve observed thus far and have found the device to be of outstanding value.
W. Brown
Heat therapy works. It has been studied and documented and the UHEAT V2 is the best heater I’ve found to date. Currently on month 3 of use, positives are: PD softer, curvature down by 35%, proportionally stronger erections which are also easier to maintain, pain is down by a significant degree (the cream helped a lot with that, too), better elasticity, and restored sensitivity (by 50%).
I’d comfortably rate the product 5 out of 5 stars.
B. Paul
The fact that far infrared rays penetrate your tissues and heat them from inside is enough to make the second uHeat version worth it. That’s particularly helpful for Peyronie’s disease but also really good for general use and tissue relaxation before PE routines. Amazing tech.
J. Rodriguez
The product combines the positives of heat therapy and infrared ray therapy. It’s an upgrade on every front and is now my preferred go to prdct to warm before PE routines. I’m certain gains have increased by a rather significant margin while also keeping my tissues feeling healthy and relaxed.
H. Parker
Awesome idea and excellent execution. Very easy to operate with great effects on the overall health of the whole area it was used on. Even adjacent to my PD tissues felt better after a few weeks and I hadn’t even suspected they were not operating at their best capacity prior.
T. Davis

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