uRED is a deep red light therapy device designed to restore the health of your penis. With it you safely benefit from the restorative power of multiple deep red light emitting diodes placed around the desired area of effect. The wavelength of the deep red lights (660nm) has been picked for that very purpose, as it ensures optimal healing penetrative depth from all sides.

The Health Benefits of Deep Red Light Therapy
Red light therapy (RLT) is a widely adopted method that uses low wavelength red light to penetrate human tissue and improve its overall health. RLT has been shown to have positive effect on the healing of wounds, deep scars, stretch marks, pain, inflammation, and damaged skin. It also boosts collagenic restoration and improves skin texture.

The method holds scientifically proven benefits which could be particularly useful in cases of deep collagen scar tissue formations, such as Peyronie’s Disease.

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Dedicated To Quality
Working with numerous specialists and a reputable private label manufacturer, we’ve managed to produce a unique, top-quality product, especially designed to restore and improve the health of your penis. The specially designed deep red lights are both carefully tuned and placed in such a way as to create an optimal penetrative healing field for the purpose of restoring the health of your penis.

People do know best. Take advantage of this proven method for improving the health of your tissues.


Well Tuned

The 24 separate therapeutic deep red light diodes have been specially crafted and tuned for the purpose of healing your penis. They have also been placed in such a way that the therapeutic field is evenly distributed, creating the optimal deep red light field for safely improving the health of your tissues.


Red Light Therapy has been effectively used for decades, helping people heal and improve numerous aspects of their health. uRED has been designed for the ground up to specialize in improving the health of your penis and remains effective in improving tissues and healing related conditions, regardless of what caused them.


uRED is safe to use, with only positive effects for the health of your tissues. Red light therapy is not associated with any side effects. This therapy is not toxic, not invasive and not as harsh as some topical skin treatments. You’d be able to freely use the device and have perfect peace of mind.


uRED fits all sizes and can be used for as long as desired. It’s relatively light, made of high quality materials, and easy to operate with, making it immediately possible to place and benefit from its therapeutic properties.


Made of high quality materials, uRED is very comfortable to use. The specially designed size both in width and length fits all penis sizes, ensuring you will have a very pleasant and therapeutic healing experience.

Great Value

The specially designed therapeutic red light diodes are very durable. A great value proposition and enough for a lifetime of reaping benefits from the therapeutic qualities of uRED.

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Making It The Most Trusted, Complete & Effective Penile Tissue Health Promoting Therapeutic Device To Date

“The uRed device is easy to use, durable, and I personally found it highly effective. I am truly thankful for your work and for letting me know about the possibility of using red light therapy to restore the health of my penis.” – Rowan B.

More Reviews
Really good effects – aside from the obvious purpose, I noticed improved erection quality as well. With it comes a general feeling of wellbeing in the tissues. That’s a bit hard to explain, I’d say it is more like a feeling that your tissues have had the opportunity to rest and restore themselves. And that has happened faster than the usual time it takes, which is generally a few days of not bothering it.
Arthur J.
It does help a lot. I’ve been using it for about two weeks and already feel my scar tissue is a lot softer (or more elastic). It is obviously the effect of the URed because before I started using it I would never see any softening at any point in time for a whole year. What a time to be alive. Imagine having to deal with such a problem just 20-30 years back when there were no products like this to help out, or even the internet to talk about it. That would’ve been a real downer.. but anyhow – thanks for creating this thingy, helps!
B. Parker
uRed may have well saved my penis. Curve went down from 35% to 20% in just about two months, which is a big difference. It also improved my lost sensitivity and reduced the pain I had by a significant margin. All these positives restored my hope, which has had big positive effect on my overall mental state and whole outlook on life.
Worth the price ten-fold and an easy recommend.
W. Hughes
I’ve read that 660 nm penetrates tissues to about 2-4 cm. uRed is certainly very well thought out as that is the optimal wavelength for a penis.
So, if you think about it, the light which is nearest the scar tissue penetrates it immediately, and also you receive red light from the opposite side (as it penetrates the whole tissue and gets to the scar, too).
It practically means that each of the 24 red light diodes reaches the whole of your penis, and the reflective film around the cone increases the efficacy even further. Awesome!
U. Howard
Very positive effects so far. I have been using uRed before my jelqing and stretching sessions as a safeguard against potential injuries. Turns out the device helped me make faster gains and significantly improved the overall health of my tissues (improved elasticity, erectile strength, and balanced my sensitivity). The tissues feel way more rested after my PE sessions, to the point of allowing me to do them twice a day.
I highly recommend the device to whoever is serious about the health of their penis.
G. Brown

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