uBreeze is a handy device designed to keep your testicles cool and healthy, restoring their proper nature-intended temperature and full efficacy. All leading to a boost in your testosterone levels and sperm quality.

Just plug it in a standard USB Port and enjoy the pleasant cooling breeze while in the comfort of your warm home. With an added potentiometer to control the power of the breeze for maximum comfort.

Making it the only natural, convenient, and pleasant testicular cooling method. With only positives for your health and well-being.

Numerous factors contribute to the ever-lowering Testosterone levels in men (in a rate of 1% to 2% per year since 1970).

Modern age thermal conveniences, such as warm clothing and heated living environments are considered to be one of the factors as they result in a consistently increased testicular temperature. This is affecting one’s testicles more profoundly than one would initially imagine, often halving their efficacy, resulting in suboptimal masculinity and health (Resource).

That’s why we created uBreeze.

uBreeze was created and developed two years ago. Since then it has undergone several improvements in both design and functionality, bringing it to an optimal condition in terms of delivering results in a convenient, seamless, and comfortable manner.

This latest version is made entirely of organic eco-friendly bioplastic and is just one perfect ergonomically designed piece, so you won’t have to bother with the previously softer air flow passages made from different materials. Naturally, this makes it extremely durable and reliable while providing you the best cooling experience.

We also upped the internal pressure air flow fan’s efficacy by tweaking its rpm and size as well as modulating the design of the air flow passage.

And finally, the model now comes with an integrated potentiometer to precisely regulate the speed of the pressure fan / airflow.

Power consumption: 1.6W / 5V / 0.4A (Powered by a standard USB Port)

Total: Inches (9.8 x 5.7 x 0.3) / Centimeters (25.0 x 14.5 x 0.8)
Handle: Inches (2.8 x 2.8 x 0.3) / Centimeters (7.0 x 7.0 x 0.8)
Effective Air Flow Passage: Inches (7.0 x (2.4 x 3.3) x 0.3) / Centimeters (18.0 x (6.0 x 8.3) x 0.8)

0.4 pounds, 180 grams

Statistics, Statistics..

Satisfied Customers 95%
Positive Third Party Reviews 97%
Happy CS Resolutions 99%

A Video Is Worth A Thousand Photos

People know best. Take advantage of using the only viable and natural testicular cooling device on the market today. Just put uBreeze in your pants while on your Computer or TV and it will keep your testicles pleasantly cool and functioning at full capacity.

The Health Benefits

Cooler testicles are significantly healthier and more effective, leading to the production of proper amounts of androgens, vital for male health and wellness. From naturally increasing testosterone production to vastly improving sperm quality, uBreeze allows for the most pleasant and seamless testicular cooling to date.

Boosting Testosterone Levels

Numerous studies have confirmed that testicles function best in cool environments, frequently boosting natural testosterone production by up to 180%. Gone are the days where you had to shower the testicles with cold water the limited 30 minutes a day before you had to go out. You now have the means to influence the health of your testicles and control your testosterone production more accurately. It’s important to note that aside from testosterone, the testicles are also responsible and for the production of other vital androgens.

Improving Sperm Quality

Numerous studies have shown a direct link between sustained testicular temperature and semen quality. In fact, testicular cooling is frequently recommended as the first step to increase one’s fertility. That being said, up to this point it was extremely difficult and inconvenient to sustain proper low testicular temperature while at your home for longer than 30 to 60 minutes. Moreover, the temperature could never be reliably regulated to fit your exact needs. Fortunately, we’ve now taken care of that with the introduction of uBreeze.

High Quality

Quality is something we consider to be of utmost importance. No expenses were spared in the production of uBreeze. It’s entirely made of a high-end natural organic eco-friendly plastic. It is both durable and pleasant to the touch, and can be used safely for an indefinite period of time.

Great Design

A lot of effort went into getting the design just right. The device turned out great and is slim, comfortable, convenient, smooth, durable, and just the right length. The final model got the astounding 98% approval rate by 750 people that tested it, and only then we proceeded to mass production.

Adjustable Air Stream

With the added potentiometer, you can now carefully adjust the air stream to fit your exact needs. In addition to being effective and seamless, the stream cools one’s testicles in a very natural and pleasant manner. Noise levels are very low, especially with the proper end placed into the pants.


uBreeze is powered by a standard USB Port / USB Power Bank so you can use it any time when on your Computer or TV. Regulating testicular temperature has never been more convenient. uBreeze can be used basically any time for as long as desired.


uBreeze is very comfortable. All you need to do is place it in your pants and over your testicles while watching TV or on your Computer. It is made of organic pleasant to the touch plastic and has a slight ergonomically designed curvature to be absolutely spot-on comfortable.


As constructed, uBreeze is extremely reliable with MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of about 260 000 hours. Even if used 10 hours a day, it will still last for more than 70 years. Definitely enough for a lifetime of improved testicular functioning.

Over 95% Satisfied Customers And Counting

Making It The Most Trusted, Complete & Effective Testicular Cooling Device To Date

“I find this device of great worth. Two weeks into it and more than happy with the results.

Results are noticeable almost right away and tend to improve even further as times goes on, as already mentioned by some of the reviews. Libido has been steadily increasing along with me feeling more masculine overall. I also observe notable improvements in my mental health and overall mood – Adam B.

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Congrats to the team that thought of the concept and made it happen. It’s pleasant to use with very notable results both short and long term. The libido and penis sensitivity are coming back slowly which is more than any drug managed to achieve for the past 3 years. My wife is also very satisfied with the outcome as I managed to keep her up till 3am last night and you know what they say – happy wife happy house.
Fabian W.
I am glad I tried using them because it apparently works! Much harder erection these last couple of days, combined with stronger masculine feeling I have from the inside, not just my regular self-affirmations.
It does take 2 or 3 days to start fully working at first, keep in mind. Although you will still get improved testicular feeling and spontaneous erections right away probably.
Sebastian V.
Great concept which seems to be working here as well. Results go beyond anything I could have imagined prior but I can assuredly confirm the previous comments two-fold. And to think that something so simple could improve to such a degree chronic diseases I had since my mid thirties.. To anyone reading this – cooling off your balls while at home by breezing them should be a no-brainer at this point.
Jean-Baptiste W.
Did wonders for my testosterone levels.

Two months ago tests were 416 ng/dl total (I’m 29) which was low for my age. This got me really scared and I started taking cold baths and bought this product. Used it daily for 2-3 hours. The breeze is really pleasant actually. I noticed I was getting spontaneous erections more frequently (from 0 to 1 per day to 2 to 3 per day) and that I could sustain my erection longer.

Aside from the erections I also had mental health improvements as my depression lessened and I felt surges of confidence and just positive thoughts. I find myself hopeful of the future more and more.

Yesterdays results confirmed it with 771 ng/dl. Very satisfied.

K. Edwards
Decided to give it a try as I too noticed my balls were sweating in my pants with no way of cooling off.

Results: much cooler balls and loads of thick sperm + increased libido and confidence. There’s definitely a quite significant difference and I even see improvements in things like mood and mind clarity. It gets going even after a few days but notable difference for me was in about a 5 – 7 days of using it (and even better after).

The device is ingenious and I can’t not use it now cause I’m much more aware of my scrotum temperature. I feel it really hot and sweaty without.

Highly recommended.

William Q. II

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