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uBreeze is a handy device designed to increase Testosterone and improve Sperm Quality by optimizing testicular temperature via advanced air flow technology. The process is one hundred percent natural with only positives for your health and well-being.

Color: Silver

Full Description (Press HERE).

* [Update]: Hey guys, uBreeze v2 is out of stock and will remain so. We’re currently working on the next iteration (v3) of the device. It will remain air-flow based with various portability improvements. It's considered to be an upgrade on every front as it's designed to be even more convenient, lightweight, and effective. Even so, we’re still early in the development cycle. There are certain technical difficulties to overcome (and various tests to perform), so UBR v3 is not expected to become available before the end of Q3 2025, unfortunately.

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SKU: uBreeze v2.0

Product Description

Additional Information

Powered By

USB Port, USB Power Bank

Power Consumption

1.6W / 5V / 0.4A


Total: Inches (9.8 x 5.7 x 0.3) / Centimeters (25.0 x 14.5 x 0.8)
Handle: Inches (2.8 x 2.8 x 0.3) / Centimeters (7.0 x 7.0 x 0.8)
Effective Air Flow Passage: Inches (7.0 x (2.4 x 3.3) x 0.3) / Centimeters (18.0 x (6.0 x 8.3) x 0.8)


0.4 pounds, 180 grams

Package Contents

1x uBreeze, 1x USB Cable 2.0, 1x USB Power Bank Charge Cable, 1x USB Power Bank Case 10000mAh (batteries not included), 2x Manuals


  1. :

    Decided to give it a try as I too noticed my balls were sweating in my pants with no way of cooling off.

    Results: much cooler balls and loads of thick sperm + increased libido and confidence. There’s definitely a quite significant difference and I even see improvements in things like mood and mind clarity. It gets going even after a few days but notable difference for me was in about a 5 – 7 days of using it (and even better after).

    The device is ingenious and I can’t not use it now cause I’m much more aware of my scrotum temperature. I feel it really hot and sweaty without.

    Highly recommended.

  2. :

    as i found out keeping testicles cool is absolutely vital. i didnt immediately buy this device but tried cooling them in the shower and wow just wow. you go and try it yourself guyz, just cool your testicles under the shower for 15-20 minutes. you will see results i guarantee.
    now multiply those results and see what i’m talkin about. the device is rocking it.

  3. :

    Cant imagine living without this s#%@t anymore. Everytime i start feeling my testicles are suffocated and hot I just plug it in and just leave it while doing stuff on the computer. Keeps em cool and libido is rocketing.

  4. :

    Did wonders for my testosterone levels.

    Two months ago tests were 416 ng/dl total (I’m 29) which was low for my age. This got me really scared and I started taking cold baths and bought this product. Used it daily for 2-3 hours. The breeze is really pleasant actually. I noticed I was getting spontaneous erections more frequently (from 0 to 1 per day to 2 to 3 per day) and that I could sustain my erection longer.

    Aside from the erections I also had mental health improvements as my depression lessened and I felt surges of confidence and just positive thoughts. I find myself hopeful of the future more and more.

    Yesterdays results confirmed it with 771 ng/dl. Very satisfied.

  5. :

    works just as intended and pleasant and easy to use while on the computer. i can feel that i can look people in the eyes now and females are noticing me more so it must be my manhood returning.

  6. :

    The device is better than anything else (like icy bags) because it actually uses the sweat of your balls to cool them more pleasantly and exactly as the nature intended!
    It is very silent. I just plug it in the PC and start enjoying the nice breeze cooling off my balls when I play games or just chill out.
    It works too. Recently noticed more confidence and NOTABLY stronger erections.. like 30-40% increase in strength. Also nocturnal erections are steel strong now too.
    Recommended definitely.

  7. :

    One of the best decisions I have ever made was to just purchase this thing and cool off my balls. I did that for about 40 days and noticed an increase in sex drive, erection, confidence (this was a huge one for me) and general well-being. I knew it increase my Testosterone but was surprised by how much. After testing it showed it had gone up by 178% over a month. Who knew that pants could be suffocating testosterone production by that much. I have to say I did expect improvements but this is times better than anticipated.

  8. :

    I saw a similar comment and thought it is helpful to present it that way so there I go.

    After using it exactly 17 days for 5-8 hours a day:

    Semen: 100% increase in thickness and 50% increase in volume
    Erection: huge increase in erection power – 100% to 150% at least
    Nocturnal Erections: now appear each and every day
    Confidence: 100% increase
    Manly feeling: 100% increase at least
    Calmness: 120% increase
    Hair thickness??: didn’t expect that but it feels more slick and thick by at least 80%
    Energy: much more balanced and not as spiky + 30% increase
    Mood: good mood increase by a solid 80% to 120%

    There are many more subtle positive changes I won’t bother explaining in detail but it is safe to say that I will never ever stop using this device. I see all this positive feedback and still think it is underrated judging by what it has done for me in just 2 weeks. As far as I’m concerned it is one of the greatest inventions of our generation and needs to be used by every male out there.

  9. :

    the most refreshing thing i have seen the last couple of weeks. have combined it with supplements but i’ve been taking them with some success even before.very happy as to how things are turning at the moment.

    additional details:

    the fan is really quiet and i didn’t expect that much air at max scale but it blows rather strongly.you can modify the power of the stream with a button on the low side.

    it has a usb cable coming with it which is not that long but is more than enough to plug it on the front computer port..it’s probably gonna just a bit short for the back of the pc though.

    the blue part is very soft but seems to be reinforced from the inside along the way, effectively turning it in 3-4-5 lanes – so it can’t actually bent much and stays solid to any pants pressure.

    the black part is made of very polished and shiny solid black plastic and looks rather slick. the standard batteries panel is on the handle.

    what i do is just directly plug it in my pants and turn it on. the air blowing my balls is rather enjoyable and more cooling than i thought.. i really think it is because the balls are constantly sweating just a bit.


    i can really say that after i have gotten used to using it all day when i don’t i feel my balls just boiling and sweating inside my pants. i don’t imagine i would ever stop using it as it is now. result wise i am very happy with dramatically increased capabilities both purely physical and mental. the difference seem to be very noticeable even to other people so i am enjoying compliments as of late.

  10. :

    Such a lifesaver for just a couple of bucks it’s insane!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND to everybody that want more testosterone, more confidence, more mojo and more of everything.

  11. :

    I just hop trop the usb in and my balls are never ever again hot and low on sperm production ever.I am not much more self consious about testicle temperature and have given much thougght.Whenever I am not cooling my balls they are quite hot..I honestly feel they are hotter than body temperature hot but that won’t be possibal would it?
    High testicle temperature is an absolute plague in my mind and ubreeze solves all my problems in keeping them properly ventilated at all times ever.That is what I wanted and that is what I got.

  12. :

    Using this baby 10 hours a day infront of my computer and loving every second of it.One of the dudes regarded it as an air conditioner for balls and it is just that.My balls used to be so hot and sweaty inside my pants and it really must have messed with my T. levels cause as all the other I feel much different and that in so short period of time is just amazing.

  13. :


  14. :

    Now I have always considered myself an introvert and a guy that never cares for big gatherings and prefers staying at home. Now I’m in serious doubt that it is who am I after those 4 days.

    The first day I didn’t feel different but noticed a boner through the night. The second day is where the difference started appearing – mind that I use Ubreeze on my PC at all times since it has USB cable and is super convenient to just ventilate my balls. I started feeling that I can look people at the face and at the eyes while nothing else seemed changed. I also noticed I feel more stable emotionally and wouldn’t rage when I played video games.

    The third day the trend continued and I tried chatting with girls on facebook and felt much more energetic, stable, and outgoing. I went partying the whole evening and had really good time around even random people.

    The fourth day I seriously started doubting I’m an introvert because I felt I can do a lot of things in the real world and really needed human company. Interesting thing is I have always drived my car slowly and cautiously out of fear I can die but now I noticed I can go faster and didn’t feel particularly alarmed. Naturally I didn’t go much faster because I still have a brain.

    My conclusion is that it absolutely, undoubtedly, 100% must have increased my testosterone (*and possibly other useful androgenic chemicals my balls produce*) and apparently I have suffered from low levels all my life as it turns out. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anybody.

  15. :

    Better hop on the uBreeze train cause this thing works. Definitely bigger loads, more energy, and higher libido.

  16. :

    i use it every day personally.just left the bathroom and turned it on again.it is as on the pictures and does what it says.

  17. :

    Every time I use it I get a spontaneous erection in about 15 minutes. There is something to ball cooling that is certain.

    I have personally used it for about 10 days now and can see improvements. Not as vast as some of the other guys but I have always had high sexual capabilities so I must be at my ceiling anyway. What I noticed is that my nocturnal erections don’t go away a minute after I go and pee to the bathroom in the mornings (as they used to) but rather stay for a few more minutes. I also noticed I was able to have sex with my girlfriend for 2 hours straight and didn’t feel as tired as I would usually be.

    I use the device for about an hour and a half per day. I was wondering what the length of the USB Cable was prior to ordering. I didn’t see guys mentioning it, nor is it mentioned in the description currently so hopefully the comment will help anybody wondering that. The USB cable is 1.5 meters. It’s a good length and I can go around with my chair without noticing any strains.

    All in all, a good purchase that I plan to use for years to come.

  18. :

    Testosterone levels went up by 73% since my last check up!! Just coming back from it. I’m blown away!!!

    What I did:
    Used it for 20 days straight, 3 to 5 hours per day. Basically when I was on my computer. Hardly noticeable but very effective.

    Praises are not enough!

  19. :

    Okay let’s throw a fast review:

    Was skeptical at first and saw somebody suggesting to try to cool off my balls with other methods first and see if it works.

    – Tried cold water while getting a shower. Kind of unpleasant but for science. Noticed higher libido after that (+ 5 libido).
    – Tried ice-pack. Very uncomfortable and not cool. Only pussywhipped dudes that want babies will be able to go through that shit every day. Couldn’t keep it up. (+1 libido)
    – Tried staying on my computer with my pants off to help my balls cool off in the environment. Worked so and so.. couldn’t actually make wind to emulate natural outdoor environment but they stayed cooler. Noticed higher libido after that. (+3 libido)

    This showed me that the theory is actually correct so I bought one Ubreeze.
    – Used it the last 25 days every day half of the time I’m on my computer. Noticed higher libido after. First 5 days (+ 5 libido). Later (+7 libido). And these last few days it’s been absolutely crazy (maybe +8 to +9). I jerk off 3 to 5 times a day and still I only think of pussy. I’m 29 but can definitely say my libido is now similar to my 19 to 21 years or so.

    It works and I recommend it based on my experience.

  20. :

    The best and more convenient out of the three no doubt for me at leastt. Highly pleasant ball cooling that I would use even without the benefits but boy my cum is twise as thick @_@ even the gf noticed it!

  21. :

    Reading about how testicles are suffocating in our two pair of pants definitely made me self conscious. I then noticed that it is true, my balls were sweaty and overheated every time I checked them out while at home.
    I gave it a try and purchased this gadget and use it daily with satisfying results so far. What most guys here say is true and libido is higher. Hell I felt it even after the first day. Also I seem to be enduring longer lifting sessions and other perks ++

  22. :

    got my fucking girlfriend pregnant
    use condoms with this shit

  23. :

    Well what did you expect dude? It’s purpose is exactly to make your testicles work like they did during the roman empire.
    Better get ready to be dad raped and slaved for 18 years of your life for being that dumb not to use a condom. Dumb [o0o].

  24. :

    Haahahxah what a dumb fuck having sex with girls! Just fucking buy HTC Vive and fuck virtual reality young sluts all day long with your improved libido dude not fucking dangerous sluts called girlfriends. Some ppl never learn sigh.

  25. :

    Have to agree that jerking off to porn and vr is better these days. Goes well with uBreeze def.

  26. :

    i was waiting for such thing for years!! tnx

  27. :

    Bought it a month ago. The breeze is really pleasant I must say.. quite addicting to use and tend to my sweaty balls with some much needed love <3

  28. :

    Sup – can really feel the T levels rising after using it. It also has accumulative effect cause I’m feeling more and more energetic and horny. Fertility has never been my concern cause I don’t care bout the little larvae but that pumped horny feeling and new found male confidence is exactly what I was hoping for and it is definitely not just in my head.

    Also have some measurable results with benching 10 to 20% more weight these last two weeks.

  29. :

    Feels good man. Kappa

  30. :

    Never measured my testosterone so don’t know how that is but sperm definitely got thicker and more abundant. Not that I care about that that much but it must be working.

  31. :

    Fucking GENIOUS!!!! This little device is turning my life around!! Read a comment about an introvert being turned into an ambivert due to increased T levels and I believe it is what is happening to me. Since I got addicted to using it on a daily basis I have noticed increase wanting to socialize and fuck. Where I would previously stay in my PC all day without the need to see any people I now have developed an itch for human interaction. It also feels much more pleasurable than before, leading me to believe I must have been low on mentioned Testosterone or other related things testicles produce.
    Thing’s definitely worth it.

  32. :

    have been fucking my gf with passion these last few days thanx

  33. :

    Have been using it for three months almost every day so I feel qualified to throw a review out there.
    There is a difference and that is why I don’t even plan on stopping.
    I have noticed that 2 to 3 hours per day are more than adequate to give me that pleasant horny itch I used to lack in my 40ties. Porn used to be boring before but now I do have mind blowing orgasms to 18 year old sluts and can’t even get enough some days. It’s good for self-pleasure and satisfaction but also found that I lost excessive weight lately as well.
    Buying it has certainly been worth it for me.

  34. :

    Idea – good
    Execution – good
    Pricing – good
    It’s a fair product and I have found myself using it quite a bit.

  35. :

    who dafuq in his right mind would want to get a chick pregnant these days. each to their own i guess.

    shit’s great for energy and libido increase tho. i use it before lifting and is making me a modefukin beast.

  36. :

    Me and my wife had been trying to have a baby for about a year. The doctor recommended me ice packs as a first treatment for infertility so I just bought ubreeze. I religiously used it for about 3 and a half months and she has finally just conceived! Tests came positive just today and i stormed here to recommend it.
    We are so happy with the purchase. It’s a great assistance to infertile couples and should be considered first thing.

  37. :

    Better than anything other on the market. (thumbsup)

  38. :

    uBreeze song rocks! Can’t find it on the site but search for “dr. Puppet, uBreeze With Ease”. Thing’s hilarious 😀

  39. :

    The look straight in the eye mention got me hooked because I’ve always had problems with it. On several occasions girls and guys have asked me why I don’t look them in the eyes or in the face. It may seem like a strange behavior but I just couldn’t make myself do it consistently.
    I figured long before that it may be low self esteem that may be related to low manly hormones. I’m talking about a biological low self esteem, not in my mind. In my mind I’m great but my biology doesn’t react accordingly.
    Well I have used it for a month now in my attempt check if the theory is correct. Most if the time the change is not a major one but I have noticed on several occasions I was able to naturally look some girls in the eyes and sustain contact for longer periods. Guys are still tough but I feel it has become easier.
    Overall I’d say that it has helped me. In percentages I’d say 25% more natural confidence which is no small feat now thinking about it.
    It is getting even better but I guess it may take some time to build the effects up. I will probably post in 1 or 2 months a second follow up.
    Take care.

  40. :

    This is a must have. Positively improved numerous areas in my health and life.

  41. :

    in all honesty i didn’t expect such a great improvement in my energy, mood and libido but it is a fact at this point. greatly recommend especially for that minimal price and the outlook to use it and benefit form it for life.

  42. :

    Best used on the PC while playing LoL or Dota. Breezing ur balls while kicking ass is priceless.

  43. :

    5/5 Stars From Me. Honestly I can’t think of anything that could be improved. It just works as intended.

  44. :

    as some mentioned best used on your pc in a sitting or lying position
    – great before workouts, connected to the factor t levels influence your energy and muscle growth
    – great before watching porn, more testosterone creates other experience entirely
    – great for weight gain or lose, connected to the balancing factor of your testicles working as they should
    – great for confidence and energy, also connected to the factor mentioned testosterone and androgens in general influence your biochemistry
    – great for fertility if you need it per se

  45. :

    Ahahah those virgins man! “Great before watching porn”. How about “Great before having sex”? Or is the concept too foreign to you?

  46. :

    Did wonders for my sperm count, motility and morphology. Better than anything else I’ve tried, including cold baths, ice packs, and other special means of keeping cool temperature.

    Actually I have a theory why that is. The thing is that testicles love natural environment with just a few degrees lower than body temperature. Icing too much and for too long will not produce the exact desired effect and can sometimes even be counter productive.

    As far as I’m concerned cooling testicles by breezing them is the best way to do so. If they need to be cooler they will just sweat more and cool off even more, thus creating the best desired temperature.

  47. :

    Completely agree with the comments.Should also add that my balls are getting fuller and more pleasant to the touch every time I use it up until I ejaculate.You can literally FEEL them working much better.

  48. :

    Science making our lives better (y)

  49. :

    I don’t think many of the guys here understand how beyond just high libido and fertility the benefits of this actually extend.

    Androgen levels are vital for countless biochemical processes in our body. Well functioning testicles will decrease insulin resistance, lower bad cholesterol, make our tissues more flexible, improve memory and mental health, improve bone strength, skin elasticity, improve eyesight, calm your nervous system and just overall make you a much healthier version of yourself.

  50. :

    ballbreazing becoming a trend now?cause my brother uses it also.

  51. :

    Well packaged with nice instructions and working out of the gate. Just breezed my balls for the first time for an hour and it is quite pleasant. Got a spontaneous erection 10 minutes in which was a pleasant surprise.

  52. :

    positives here. found it also increased my appetite !but not for junk foods! rather for the healthy ones – like veggies and fruits. i guess i can contribute it to improved biochemistry helping my body tell me properly what i actually NEED to eat and what vitamins and minerals may be lacking from my system.

    i also believe it may have improved and stabilized my blood sugar levels because i used to crave sugars like crazy ( usually a bad sign related to insulin resistance which was worrying me ). however, the good news is that now i do not have the crazy need to eat bread and sugars that much. hard to explain but it is a welcome improvement.

  53. :

    Ubreeze 1 hour before workouts FTW.
    U’ll thank me later.

  54. :

    Result wise I’d say is satisfactory.

    I’ve had some hard ED time in the past so I have learned to spot the early signs of things not going my way. I usually have a good idea what the levels of my androgenic hormones are by simply observing my morning erections and the time it takes for them to go away. The time has doubled after about just two and a half weeks of using uBreeze which is very, very reassuring.

    Wife can’t really tell any difference but I notice I feel at least 85% to 95% erect hardness during sex, where it used to be around 75% to 85% with occasional complete loss of erection at around 35 minutes of sex. I’d conclude there is a definitely a boost there.

  55. :

    Hard to explain how much this device has helped me with various symptoms, including declining mental health and depression. To me it’s close to a miracle to be dragged out of this state and finally start my engines. Wholeheartedly recommend it to virtually anybody. Even at 20 things could always be better if you have your balls operating at full capacity.

  56. :

    I am glad I tried using them because it apparently works! Much harder erection these last couple of days, combined with stronger masculine feeling I have from the inside, not just my regular self-affirmations.
    It does take 2 or 3 days to start fully working at first, keep in mind. Although you will still get improved testicular feeling and spontaneous erections right away probably.

  57. :

    Received it the other day and have used them ever since almost noin-stop.Many pros and I agree with whats written about the great value and the other things.

    just place it inside my pants and stay on the computer or watch tv. It will only probably work at home IMO.

    The scrotum gets accustomed to the cooling air right away and feels much refreshed in maybe 1-2 hours.

    I hope I’ve been extensive enough. Take care.

  58. :

    Truly boosting my confidence and libido when needing… which is all the time let’s be real 😀

  59. :

    So I have been suffering from various symptoms for the past 2 – 3 years. Been to all kinds of doctors and tried all kinds of things. Currently on several therapies which are effective to some degree. Decided to try uBreeze cause I thought it may do me some good and it really did.
    Note that I have not altered all my other therapies, diet, or vitamin intakes so most of the improvements I will list are probably due to improvements in my testicular functions.

    After exactly 37 days of using it:

    Erection Power: + 25% to maybe 35% in good days (notably stronger morning erections)
    Confidence: +50% (this is quite important for me)
    Energy: + 30% (reflects good on my work as well)
    Semen thickness: + 60% (great to see some good volumes of thick sperm)
    Knee pains I had: -50% (surprisingly the pains in my knees are going away after a whole year of troubling me)
    Testicle Hanging: -40% (they do seem ready to go)
    Hair color: + 20% blackened (even friends are noticing)
    Ear ringing: – 80% (tinnitus seem to be vastly improving)
    Weight: -4kg (great to see those kgs melting)

    I’d also recommend combining it with great supplements for even better effects. I know I do and results on all of these symptoms are very reassuring.

  60. :

    can confirm that its most assuredly best deal so far. i really cant describe how amazing is to restore even part of my original libido by just cooling my testicles. whats amazing is that it really really works! i tried the concept with ice packs and other stuff even before buying ubreeze but this is even better when you have the device designed to do just that. it is worth every penny and more.

  61. :

    I like it a lot. I use it a lot.

  62. :

    Hell, the best investments in my life. Endless testosterone for 79 bucks — yes please.

    It works too, at least as far as I’m concerned. Every bodybuilder should seriously consider it instead of anaboling themselves into oblivion.

  63. :

    Just bought it. I really hope this helps with my testosterone levels.

  64. :

    The thingy seems well made and is a breath of fresh air (get it? :D). I’ve been using cold showers for a long time now so I’m not actually new to the concept but am definitely glad they made something like this to make my life easier.

  65. :

    A quick update: I’ve been using it every evening for about 3 to 5 hours at a time. I usually place it over my underwear and play Overwatch, it’s completely forgettable.

    Result wise it really turned out much better than I expected! Usually just after 1 hour of cooling my testicles start feeling just as they felt when I was a teenager. It was a feeling long lost with brief reminders of when I took cold showers and especially targeted the testicles for over half an hour. The itching for sex feeling is what I’m referring to, but in the testicles. Hard to explain but you guys know what I’m talking about. The feeling was apparent even the first day but it’s really starting to skyrocket now – the teenage sex urge.

    Interestingly, it has also helped me much with my social anxiety to the point of making me feel rather calm.

  66. :

    Awesome! I know i’ve been searching for similar device for years. Soon will be giving this baby a spin.

  67. :

    breezing it like a bawz.
    owning it up like a bawz.

  68. :

    Cousin wants to use mine…… yeah 😮 dick-buddies bonding ftw

  69. :

    So ever since around 26 I had this problem with soft weak erections when I drink. Even just 100g of vodka would be enough to kill 20-30% of me erection. Had several dates go to bed and me unable to perform at all which still haunts me to this very day. It was very damaging because you usually drink before you fuck a girl… unless you want to look strange and be the only one sober. Saying that I’m with a car usually worked somewhat but couldn’t use that all the time. Also I DID actually want to drink because I feel great and way cooler when I’m drunk.

    Fast forward. Decided to give this thingy a chance because I figured I just have borderline low testosterone levels because that’s the main thing alcohol affects first.

    Have been using it for about 20 days now. Have to say it is no magic but I am objectively able to sustain some erection even after 200 grams of hard alcohol, which didn’t use to be the case. Hopefully it will improve even more in the future.

  70. :

    Cheerso aided me in my fight with varicose veins on penis () Notably smaller after 2 months of constant testicular care for their comfort and temperature.

  71. :

    Have been breezing my balls for a month straight! Much harder erections and mind-blowing orgasms even to my imagination or facebook pics. Shit is the best invention since sliced bread with peanut butter.

  72. :


  73. :

    It is okay. Some difference here and there. Last test turned out 27% higher T. levels which is pretty decent considering I only used it about an hour per day for 17 days.

  74. :

    I bet healthcare wants me to continue suffocating my balls and go pay them for testosterone replacement therapy. Not going to happen. I will just breeze my fucking balls back into health (insert fiendish laugh and wringing of hands here).

  75. :

    100 times better and much easier than cold bathing or any other shenanigans. i just plug it in and forget i’m having it, even feel better with it than without. i like the breeze it produces and am overall happy with the results.

    my balls do feel a lot cooler and refreshed in even an hour of use but i tend to just have it working all the time basically. the more the better logic here fully applies.

  76. :

    Oh man this is really great when you don’t want to be distracted with anything and just chill on the couch or something. I just place it and watch movies and stuff as some of the dudes suggested. Really nice and I love the fact that my balls are actually regulating the temperature themselves by sweating more if they want to be even cooler. The best approach is the natural approach.
    Pretty nice, pretty nice.

  77. :

    I find this device of great worth. Two weeks into it and more than happy with the results.

    Results are noticeable almost right away and tend to improve even further as times goes on, as already mentioned by some of the reviews. Libido has been steadily increasing along with me feeling more masculine overall. I also observe notable improvements in my mental health and overall mood.

  78. :

    Keeps anxiety at bay, works well for insomnia, awesome for my concentration. Not to mention skyrocketing libido and strength. Havent felt this good for years! Never thought that the testicles have such a vast effect on my wellbeing.

  79. :

    Another satisfied review here. Positive effect on my libido, confidence, sperm volume, skin, nails, hair and most importantly my testicles and penis. I used to have a firm flaccid penis condition for a while now and it has been mostly resolved by persisting with using uBreeze and a couple of high-end supplements. There is an smooth pleasant warm internal feeling inside my penis that is hard to explain but is definitely operating much better than before. The positive effects acumulate so you may expect getting better and better but even so I can feel the difference the days I haven’t used it. [5*] From me.

  80. :

    was hard to wrap my head around the idea but am grateful i tried *_* shits working for real

  81. :

    Even if it sells millions of units it will still be vastly underrated. I can attest of the great effects this device had on my overall health for just 4 months. Hard to envision ever not needing or not using it. Big congratulations to the guys who invented it. Let me tell you, many men are in your debt!
    Big O.

  82. :

    Wife got concerned when I failed to perform a few times. First thing we tried was spicing up our sex life with sex toys, roleplay, etc. That didn’t do much for me as my libido was tanking even lower. Then we went to a doctor who described the usual trash (levitra). It worked somewhat I must say but gave me nasty side effects like headaches for hours and general fatigue persisting for two days after I’ve used. It was also quite embarassing to talk about these things in front of a doctor with my wife next to me. Was sweating and uncomfortable during the whole ordeal.

    To cut to the chase.. yes, this product has absolutely done it for me. If I have to make estimations I’d say that it has slowly returned my sexual power of about when I was around 35 – 40 maybe (currently 61) (Have been using it for about three months). Despite that I’m realistic enough to believe that it will be a long recovery and I have much more work to do to sustain and maybe even better these initial results. However, I’m glad I and very appreciative I got the jump start I needed.

  83. :

    did wonders for my ed related symptoms & confidence

  84. :

    I’ve noticed positives ever since getting it with some days being much better than before.

  85. :

    Have been using it for 3 months and plan on continue doing so.
    What was a welcome and unexpected change was my right hand twitching and trembling I had since 11th grade got better.
    Other improvements were: better sleep and refreshed feeling, higher libido, calmness, increased confidence, improved erections and unexpectedly my hair improved in shineness and thickness.

  86. :

    u know it’s for real when you jack off 5 times a day easy 8)

  87. :

    Congrats to the team that thought of the concept and made it happen. It’s pleasant to use with very notable results both short and long term. The libido and penis sensitivity are coming back slowly which is more than any drug managed to achieve for the past 3 years. My wife is also very satisfied with the outcome as I managed to keep her up till 3am last night and you know what they say – happy wife happy house.

  88. :

    cant fucking believe that breezing my balls fixed my migraines 😮 😮

  89. :

    Great concept which seems to be working here as well.Results go beyond anything I could have imagined prior but I can assuredly confirm the previous comments two-fold.And to think that something so simple could improve to such a degree chronic diseases I had since my mid thirties.. To anyone reading this – cooling off your balls while at home by breezing them should be a no-brainer at this point.

  90. :

    very effective if mixed with some nuts and tv series marathons or gaming. just try eating nuts all day while breezing your balls – you will be painting your walls white with cum two days straight.

  91. :

    I really liked the concept of increasing your testosterone levels all naturally. No side effects, no nothing. Only positives.

    Proved to be much nicer and comfy than I originally expected. You just basically place it in your pants and turn the pleasant breeze on. It works as intended and keeps my balls cooled whenever I feel like it. You’d have to be either seated or lying down, though.

    Effect wise I’m positive it is working. Well worth 79 bucks.

  92. :

    Sweet external control over my testicles temperature for lazy asses like me.Yes please 😎

  93. :


  94. :

    I must admit I was gonna use it only when watching TV on the couch but saw most of the dudes mentioning they are using it while on the computer so I gave it a shot.

    Result wise very solid. Although overly-brief, I actually I felt that pleasant testicle sensation on the very first day of using it. This thingy is doing it for me every single time and I’m quite happy with it. I also notice on a frequent basis spontaneous erections in 15 to 30 minutes after starting to use it. They usually last for 5 to 10 minutes – very positive.

    Delivery wise it was okay, within the mentioned time period. Packaging was completely discreet with “Electronics” being pointed out as the content of the package.

    That should conclude it I guess. I’m open to questions in the comments.

  95. :

    Breezing my balls daily. Fighting with the bad guys daily.

  96. :

    Very addictive! Also a big fan of the idea that it is all natural and all good for you. Price is very good too for such a custom item. 5 stars from me.

  97. :

    have to say it really grows up on you. i’m much more conscious of my balls being suffocated and sweating in my pants, which is always if i don’t use ubreeze. fortunately i just stretch my arm to grab it and get it going. puts my balls in a state of sweet coolness almost immediately.

  98. :

    Stronger libido and erections almost immediately.Quite pleasant to use too.

  99. :

    I’m not really a fan of testosterone replacement therapy destroying my balls and making them 1/4 the size they used to be. Nor am I fan of viagra and similar trashes that can literally get you killed. Hell even supplements aren’t good for your health if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.
    What I like about uBreeze is that it is just safe without any side effects or dangers, and on top of that is working better than all of the others combined.

  100. :

    After about just 2 weeks of constant ball-breazing i can easily stand behind this one.Cooling them on a regular basis seems to have increased my libido to teen-levels.Something i thought I have lost 10 years ago is coming back along with all the great memories and dreams I had during those times.It made me hopeful of the future.

  101. :

    sup product

  102. :

    Results came just today and can confirm that my sperm concentration and motility have actually went up by a significant margin over just a month of using. Can’t hide i’m satisfied with the outcome.

  103. :

    very happy a friend told me of this when i said i feel depressed lately. it must have really been lowered testosterone because i now wonder what have i been thinking? i used to play lol all day, eating trash food and feeling miserable. the rage was real. then just added ubreeze to the mix, thought to myself what do i have to lose. you basically just place it in your pants and let it cool off your balls instead of letting them sweat in heat in your pants.
    the process was slow and gradual but was definitely real. the first thing i noticed was that i would rage less and instead of flipping my shit when i lost i would be like “meh, let’s try another” (that was around the second week mark). next thing i noticed is i would feel the need to jerk off more and developed a desire to engage more with girls so i hit a lot of my old friends on facebook and started socializing more (around fourth week mark). as i continued into the sixth week i just found that i wasn’t feeling down anymore but rather enjoyed everything more. lol seemed more interesting than ever, developed a taste for other games and even developed a taste for social activities (which i used to despise).
    currently at week ten and i have to say i even started lifting a little. feel much more centered and sure of myself and i am now sure my previous feelings and behavior were caused to a significant degree by averate to low t levels along with everything else testicles are responsible for producing.

  104. :

    9/10 Comfortable to use. Nice breeze. Satisfactory results.

  105. :

    I had problems with overtraining syndrome in the past with whole months lost due to the need to rest. Possibly the worst impact was on my electrolite balance and libido which I tried to address immediately cause it would cause me problems with the girlfriend. She basically thought I was simulating my overtraining and was no longer attracted to her.

    I think it’s safe to say uBreeze is helping me out with that. Libido is crawling to a full restoration hopefully.

  106. :

    There is no going back for me ever since I tasted the sweet breeze on my balls while destroying nabs in hearthstone. Addicting to use with many positives so far.

  107. :

    girlfriend happy = everyone happy

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