uHeal v2 is a magnetic therapy device designed to rejuvenate, heal, and improve the health of your penis.

Expertly designed and comfortable to use, it comes with 3 specially designed and tuned therapeutic magnets to create just the right field for highly improved tissue restoration and rejuvenation, positively influencing every aspect of your penis and overall well-being.

uHeal v2 is beneficial no matter the circumstances. It can be used to restore penile tissue health, improve erectile strength, restore proper sensitivity, protect tissues against injuries, help dissolve collagen scar tissue formations, stimulate faster healing, and generally be of a very positive influence to your overall health.

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Dedicated To Quality

Working with numerous specialists and a reputable private label manufacturer, we’ve managed to produce a unique, top-quality product, especially designed to restore and improve the health of your penis. The specially designed therapeutic magnets are both carefully tuned and placed in such a way as to create an optimal healing magnetic field for the purpose of restoring the health of your penis.

People do know best. Take advantage of this proven ancient and modern method of improving the health of your tissues.


The Health Benefits For Your Penis

The health benefits of uHeal extend to virtually every aspect of the functioning of your penis. From improving your erectile quality to dissolving collagen tissue scarring and increasing the size of your penis. It’s therapeutic magnets are carefully tuned and placed to create an optimal healing field and make it beneficial no matter the circumstances.

Improving Tissue Health

Magnetic therapy dates back at least 2,000 years. Throughout the medical exploration of health, inner balance (qi), and youth; magnetism, found naturally in the lodestone, has been studied & practiced by ancients from all of the highest civilizations. Magnetism is an all natural choice and tool whose forces penetrate into the channels and collaterality of the body to help regulate and restore its physiological functions. Magnetic fields positively affect the health of human tissues, as proven by numerous studies.

Dissolving Collagen Tissue Formations

Wounds and painful areas of the body are marked by a lack of oxygen, off pH & poor circulation. Magnetic therapy is known to control the attraction of calcium ions and be of great assistance in removing calcium build-up from painful arthritic joints, or in this case from collagen scar tissue formations. Additionally, magnetic fields also alter enzyme activity & biochemical processes with the lower frequencies relieving pain, inflammation and bruising, using the higher frequencies for the relaxing of blood vessels allowing increased blood flow for a boost to your natural healing abilities.

Well Tuned

The 3 separate therapeutic magnets have been specially crafted and tuned for the purpose of healing your penis. They have also been placed in such a way that the therapeutic magnetic field is evenly distributed throughout the whole wrap, creating the optimal magnetic field for safely improving the health of your penile tissue.


Magnetic therapy has been effectively used for centuries, helping men heal and improve numerous aspects of their health. uHeal has been designed for the ground up to specialize in improving the health of your penis and remains effective in improving tissues and healing related conditions, regardless of what caused them.


uHeal is completely safe to use, with only positive effects for the health of your tissues. The north and south sides of the specially produced therapeutic grade magnets have been properly placed and turned so that the field emitted will only affect tissues in a steady, pleasant and healing manner.


uHeal is very convenient, fits all sizes, and can be used for as long as desired. It’s relatively light, made of high quality materials, and the hold system is gentle and easy to operate with, making it immediately possible to place and benefit from its therapeutic properties.


Made of high quality materials, uHeal is very comfortable to wear. The specially designed size both in width and length perfectly fits the astounding 99% of penis sizes, ensuring you will have a very pleasant and therapeutic healing experience.

Great Value

The specially designed therapeutic magnets will be actively promoting healing for around 75 years before they gradually start losing their qualities. A great value proposition and definitely enough for a lifetime of reaping benefits from the therapeutic qualities of uHeal.

Over 93%+ Satisfied Customers And Counting

Making It The Most Trusted, Complete & Effective Penile Tissue Health Promoting Therapeutic Device To Date

A big supporter of natural healing practices. Those therapeutic magnets placed throughout the whole thing really pay off

Have noticed myself most of the already mentioned positive effects such as improved erections, softer flaccid, increased elasticity, improved skin texture, and even some unrelated to the penis but related to overall magnetic therapy effects like decreased bp and mood improvements. I have a feeling I’m going to use this babe for a long time to come. – Gregory H.

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This is actually the only viable magnetic therapy tool for penis and couldn’t have come sooner. Very happy the guys that made it took this job seriously and didn’t skip on quality. 3 massive therapeutic magnets that grip you from all sides is more than enough to ensure equal distribution of the field and increase improved efficacy on the outer tissue layers. Just great product. Much appreciated thank you!
B. Hudson
Definitely a fan of helpful things like magnetic therapy, healing stones, negative ions exposure and such. Was happy to see somebody finally produced a notable thing to address the health of our penises. Personally have been using uHeal for about a month and as most of the reviews here can confirm I have observed quite a few positive effects ranging from improved erections to increased durability.
Lautaro W.
The geometry of the thing caught my eye and is quite impressive. The magnets are well distributed per 120 degrees and perfectly adjustable in terms of depth. It definitely seems it’s made with a very precise idea in mind and a lot of field calculations went into it, which I very much appreciate. 5/5 from me too.
Gave it a try two weeks ago and have to say I have been wearing ever since.

Improvements in the overall feel of the penis came virtually the same day with tissue being notably softer and more elastic while flaccid and harder while erect. I have to say I expected a more subtle difference so this goes beyond my expectations of boosting penis health.

It’s well made to fit every size with it having rows of magnets throughout the band, which are also smartly used as the lock up system.

Edward K.
So far so good. Have been using it to improve my erections and can definitely feel there is a field of a sort around my penis. Results wise I have noticed improved EQ of around 20% which is not huge but in all honesty I haven’t used the thing for more than an hour per day so I figure it may get better from now on.
Another positive thing is that I think it actually increased my libido a bit, maybe with 10%. Probably due to the overall positive effects magnetic therapy exerts on the body as a whole. It’s a solid purchase definitely. It does take 2 or 3 days to start fully working at first, keep in mind. Although you will still get improved testicular feeling and spontaneous erections right away probably.
Joshua W.

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