Hey guys, we’ve excited to announce the release of a vastly improved uBreeze v2.0 we’ve been developing over the past several months.

uBreeze v2.0

High Quality Materials
No expense was spared and the model is now made of an even better high quality lightweight organic bioplastic. It ensures the item will be extremely lightweight, durable, and completely safe for prolonged use.

Added Potentiometer
The model now comes with an integrated potentiometer to precisely regulate the speed of the pressure fan / airflow (a very requested feature).

10000mAh USB Power Bank Case
The model now comes with a 10000mAh USB Power Bank Case instead of the internal 4AAA batteries case (so we’ve redesigned the corpus to exclude them).

Design Improvements
– Improved schematics (now double reinforced)
– Automated soldering reinforced with hot silicone
– Tweaks affecting the angle of the fan (further optimizing efficacy)
– Isolation of the airflow (to ensure there’s absolutely no backflow)