Restore the health of your penis with uShape, a versatile device that applies long-lasting adjustable pressure and vibrations on points of interest.

It can be used to restore the overall health of your penis by sending gentle vibrations through wide areas, or it can be used to target specific zones and tissues (e.g. Peyronie’s Disease) to help modulate their shape and integrity over time.

uShape combines the positive effects of commonly used traction, bending, and shockwave devices and adds more. Being able to directly influence the shape and health of your penis has been made safe, easy, and effective.

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Working with numerous specialists and a reputable private manufacturer, we’ve managed to produce a unique, top-quality product, designed to restore the health of your penis. uShape’s specially designed structure allows for optimal adjustable pressure to any specific point of interest on your penis. Vibration strength is also adjustable, ranging from the gentle 3650 RPM to the strong 8500 RPM. Versatile to fit your exact needs, easy to use, and effective.

People do know best. Take advantage of this proven method for improving the health of your tissues.


The Theory Behind

Upon tissue injury our bodies produce collagen scar tissue formations as a mechanism to repair the compromised structural integrity. These formations have both different structure and elasticity than surrounding healthy tissues and cause all kinds of erectile and structural problems if they happen to occur in a penis (a condition is widely known as Peyronie’s Disease).

Recent studies have revealed that these collagen scar tissue formations can be successfully modified over time by physical means, as to either gradually break down or at least alter their shape enough as to lessen their negative influence. Devices that do that are widely known as traction, bending, and shockwave therapy devices for Peyronie’s Disease.

We went ahead and further improved upon that formula and created uShape. It’s an innovative device which uses pressure and vibrations (rather than traction & shockwaves) to reshape and break down collagen scar tissue formations. It allows you to use different shapes, sizes, and pressure to positively influence your collagen scar tissue formations over time. It is safer, more effective, more convenient, and easier to use than traction devices.


uShape is very effective in that it applies pressure and vibrations directly over the area of interest. The efficacy of uShape is also supported by its ease of use, and in particular the ease with which pressure and vibrations are increased or decreased. Being able to quickly and easily alternate those brings a whole new dimension of possibilities and heightens the efficacy of the method.

Easy to Use

uShape is easy to operate with, convenient, fits all sizes, and can be used for as long as desired. The hold system is gentle and easy to operate with. Just place uShape over the area of interest -> rotate the plastic wheels until you’re satisfied with the pressure -> turn on the desired vibrational frequency -> and you’re ready to benefit from its therapeutic properties right away.

Great Value

uShape is made of high quality materials and assembled with durability in mind. Offered at a fraction of the cost of modern traction and shockwave devices while designed to provide greater benefits than each individual such device. A great value proposition and definitely enough for a lifetime of reaping benefits from its therapeutic effects.

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Making It A Trusted & Effective Penile Tissue Health Promoting Therapeutic Device

“The device is well made, easy to handle, and I found it effective. I’ve developed two preferred use patterns. One is gentle pressure and vibrations over my whole penis for general health, and the other is stronger targeted pressure and vibrations for my PD. Both helped me restore the health of my penis.” – B. Scott

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That’s a good device. The pressure helps remodel the scar tissue, and the vibrations help to make it more malleable and eventually break it down. I had to use it for a few months before noticing that my PD is getting notably smaller and less rigid. My guess is that the pressure and the vibrations eventually affected its structural integrity.
B. Visser
I’m rather satisfied with the results that I have received from my UShape. The curvature has improved from about 40 degrees to 25 degrees in about 3 months of use. That brought improvements in perceived size and erectile strength. I highly recommend the device for anybody struggling with Peyronie’s as it has proven to be very effective.
A. Kraus
The device is a breath of fresh air, unlike the other torture | traction | devices I’ve used. It uses pressure rather than traction and I prefer it that way. Vibrations are a substitute for shockwaves I guess, all good.
I appreciate the ease of use and the good feels.
J. Scott
The ability to easily alternate the pressure is a very strong aspect which I believe has been overlooked by the guys here. I love to increase and decrease the pressure by rotating the wheel as my observation is that it further improves the efficacy of the method. I use alternative pressure for about 5 minutes, then use constant pressure for 10, and finish with alternative pressure for another 5 (for a total of 20 minutes of use every evening).
F. Decker
I’ve had a minor jelqing injury that fortunately healed rather quickly. Later on I found out that UShape’s actually pretty good for general use. I use it before my jelqing and stretching routines, it really helps with the recovery process. I use the 5 to 6V setting which helps my tissues get rid of their initial rigidity and start being more relaxed and tender. Penis feels better after use, and I no longer suffer from the hard flaccid state that used to come 30 minutes after my jelqing routines.
I’d recommend it to anybody serious about the health of their penis.
K. Roberts

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